martes, 22 de marzo de 2011

Duck, duck, goose: todo un clásico

The game starts with the group sitting in a circle. One of the players moves around the circle touching the other player's head and saying "duck" each time. Whenever he/she wants,he/she touches someone's head saying "goose". Then, the person who was touched stands up and chases the first one, trying to catch him/her before he/she arrives to the empty place and sit in it.
If the first player sits, the second one stars the game again. If the second player is catching he/she has to sit in the middle of the circle, "the saucepan", and wait there until other player is catched.
You can change the words in order to revise the names of animals, for instance: Reptiles (toad-frog), insects (bee-fly), mammals (donkey-horse)...
With our most sincere thanks to Jessie W., our Language Assistant

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