domingo, 9 de diciembre de 2012

Solving Problems

In PE we can use very different methodologies. One of the less known is the problem solving.
Defining and consolidation of laterality, is an excellent field to apply this methodology. This video shows how my pupils solve motor problems. They provide different solutions to situations they have created.,
The task is simple: jump in a hoop. Then  I give them a colour code: blue for right foot, red for left foot and green for both. The rest depends of their creativity and ability for coping the situation.

Mistakes are not something negative, they are an opportunity to learn and try something different. The students collaborate each other providing ideas that increase the number and diversity of solutions.
We can start with this kind of simple tasks, but this methodology can be applied to any purpose or project more complex.

While the students find their solutions, there are many situations for practising communicative skills:
Giving directions, correcting or suggesting actions to their classmates, telling each other when or how they can get the goal. The language assistant can give significant support in developing this experience.

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