lunes, 28 de mayo de 2012

Changing games for having more fun

Is a fact, we always play during the PE lessons, but sometimes the games are boring or too well known.
Every year we do an unit about  "transformations" where the kids make some changes in the games in order to make them more fun when we play them. We can't change the goals of the games, although the space, materials or number of players can be changed. This is a way to create new games for PE lessons and encourage our pupil to invent and develop their creativity.
The method consists in suggesting some "mother games" and then the pupils analise the games and think about what changes can be make to make the game more interesting, or funnier. The group test the new games and decides what are the best. The best are included in the curriculum for the next year .
The" mother games" are:
Four Corners, The Scarf, The Rescue, Hide and Seek and Hopscotch.
In this link you can find the original rules of these games.
Soon we will have the new collection and we´ll share it with  all of you, please wait for our news.

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