viernes, 20 de julio de 2012

Left and Right

Dance is a good way for developing our pupils' knowledge about themselves in early ages.  Where is  their right or left side is an important issue, iven more when the choice must been done listening to the music and following the instructions sets out on the lyrics
There are a big amount of songs, traditional dances, etc, you  can use for this purpose. This year, I used this song " Left & Right Twist",  by Patty Shukla, with the third level. Children enjoyed so much that they decided performing the dance for the End of Year Party.
Previously we sang and danced  the song  many times at the end of the lessons, practising different movements individually until at last, we did it with the whole group, Finally, everyone knew the song and dance perfectly.
I have been very satisfied with the results:
  • My pupils increased their vocabulary with words about actions like "twist" "turn around" "shake down" "hop" or "jump"
  • They reinforced  important skills about displacements  
  • They were able to present their performance to the public, improving self-esteem.
This video was taken in our End of Year Party. Its quality isn't very good but you can see how boys and girls enjoy at the stage

Resources for dancing  Left & Right Twist

Léelo en español

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