miércoles, 4 de julio de 2012

The Pirate Life Is The Best Life

At last we reached the end of the course, and we wanted to do something different for the last day at school
Shall we become pirates for a day?
The teachers of the first and second grades and I (PE teacher) prepared a "Pirate Party" :
In the early morning we made pirates' costumes and drew terribles scars on our faces. Then we learnt a song about  the pirats life and  "captains" (the teachers) and crew sang it together.
Mothers and fathers of our pupils collaborated with us in order to prepare 4 games inspired on the pirates' adventures

*The hunt of the treasure : The kids, helped by a map, had to find three different objects (a chest, a key and a jewel).The group that manages to find the three objects in  time winsthea prize
* Walking the plank!: The children must to walk the plank (a bench), one by one, keeping their balance meanwhile the rest of the group throw balls at them. The launchers are lying face down.
*Sword fight: The kids will fight in pairs with foam swords  in a place where there are several plastic bricks. The fighters have to move  bystepping on the bricks. If one of them touches the ground, he/she loses, and another boy or girl will take his/her place. The winner is the last pirate on the bricks.
*Attack with cannon fire: Two ships are in a terrible battle with cannon fire. The crews throw balloons with water inside aginst the other vessel. There aren't winners in this game, the fun is the prize. The game is over when there aren't any more balloons left to throw.
After finishing games, a hungry crew and three hungry captains enjoyed a pirate meal: some sandwiches and  soda for drinking ( not rum because our sea-wolves are too young for drink liquor and masters should lead by example).
Finally, all the participants watched bars the famous film "Pirates of the Caribbean" while we ate a fruit ice-cream.  Yummy!
Certainly "The Pirate Life Is The Best Life".
Good Summer for all Yo ho ho


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