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We usually use this game in the final part of the session. Children find it very fun and  it is  very useful for  teachers in order to work various aspects, such as:

    Body Schema
    Accumulative memory

In addition, we incorporate the use of English as the vehicular language.  We  can review  the colors, body parts, and some actions, such as: to pass, to start, to use, and to stop.  We also practice the act of denial by using the word “don’t."

The game is simple. It consists of passing the ball to the mate on the right in a certain way. Then, the students add another ball of a different color and pass in a different way.  Continue to add new balls of different colors and pass in different ways until there are four or five balls in play. The group must keep the balls under their control.  This is sometimes quite difficult when the excitement is increasing, and the group fails to act cooperatively. However, this makes the game more fun.

I encourage you to try this game with your pupils. I’d like to help you by providing this document which includes some "useful sentences" for the game.

Please, leave your comments if you ever play  "culipandeo" 

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