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The Body Relay Game

This game is very useful during the first term, as it allows the children to revise and learn vocabulary related to body while also participating intensely in a relay game.
Paper dolls (one per team). Cut and separate parts of the body. The number of pieces should correspond with the pupils' ages and knowledge of the body. The number of pieces for each doll should equal the number of players on each team. Alternatively, the number of pieces for each doll can equal a number that can be evenly divided to equal the number of players on each time (for example, 6 team members can play with a doll with 12 pieces).
In a large space, ask each team to form a line some distance away from the pieces of the dolls, which should be mixed into piles and placed far in front of the lines of team members.
The teacher should then indicate how each player must move (running, jumping, on all fours, etc.) when going to collect a piece from the pile. Each player should maintain the movement style throughout his or her turn, and upon reaching the line of team members, pass a baton or slap hands with the next team member to indicate that it is now that team member's turn. When doing so, the player should say the English word for the body part he or she has collected. When all pieces have been collected, the team members must work together to assemble the doll.
If a player forgets the word for the body part that he or she has collected, he or she may ask,

"How do you say [the Spanish word for the body part] in English?" If you have a Language Assistant, you can revise the vocabulary before starting the game, and he or she can help you to answer the questions your pupils ask.
Teams can race against the clock rather than compete against other teams in order to build team spirit and encourage cooperation.
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